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Celebrating it’s 2nd anniversary, the ASRC 2012 is the main annual meeting point for ideas, research and discussion about student recruitment in Africa. It is a must-attend event for marketing officers, international officers and directors of international offices who currently recruit students from Africa or are intending to do so.

 The conference theme, The African Market Scene for the international Education Providers, will analyse the radical changes happening in the African student market and provide the education provider with an insight into the current state of the market, as well as demonstrating how to engage with this market and achieve a successful recruitment approach.

The conference will also analyse the new emerging market in Africa by looking at the horizon of 2013 and beyond.

 Many questions, including those below, arise for all stakeholders in the international education industry when they are considering how to best approach African market.

For institutions that have just started considering the market, the key question has always been: how do we enter this market? When do we enter this market and what can we sell in this market?

On the other hand, institutions already in the market will be asking: how can we increase the numbers of quality students from Africa? How do we gain an insight into the current make-up of the African student market and use our limited budget to achieve a successful recruitment approach? How can we use value-added services to recruit students from Africa?

For the institution doing really well in the market, the issue has always been: is the African market sustainable? Should we market for the future?

The conference will answer the above questions and also provide international educators with the focused opportunity to meet quality student recruitment agents exclusively from Africa. All agents attending the conference will be carefully screened and must have expressed an interest in language programmes, boarding schools, high schools, vocational

schools and universities from all over the world.