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Canada in Collaboration with WorldviewInternational Group of UK organized an eventin Toronto, which was one of its kind.

AfricanStudentsRecruitmentConferencewasorganized at Sheraton Centre Hotel, Torontothon 28 th and 29 September 2011. ASRC wasthe main meeting point for ideas, researchand discussion about student recruitment inAfrica.

The conference theme, African Market Scenefor the Education Providers, analysed theradical changes happening in the African Student market and  

as deprovided the Canadian Education Institutes with an insight into the currentstate of the market, as well monstrating how to engage with this market and achieve asuccessful recruitment approach.



The Conference program featured National andInternational speakers, and included very informativeand knowledgeable sessions from Ms. FionaRutherford (Trade Commissioner,Edu-CanadaInternational Promotion of Education in Canada ), Mr.Ravi Iyer (President and Chief Consultant at UniversalImmigration), Ms. Chiao-Ling Chien (UNESCO Instituteof Statistics ) and many more.

Universal Immigration has been patronizing the issuesof Global Éducation in past and is involving in manysuch activities, making Global Education easily accessible for students around the world.Mr.Sailesh Shankar (Director, URCS) was very delighted with the ASRC 1st edition’s successand said that the delegates are already looking forward to next year`s event.